Monday, 31 March 2008

Lib Dems condemn Labour hypocrisy over Post Offices

Posted by Chris:

On Thursday 3 April Liberal Democrats will use a motion to Redcar & Cleveland Borough Council to express dismay at the failure of local MPs to support local post offices.

Four post offices in the borough are under threat as part of the Labour Government’s closure programme, in Redcar (Park Avenue), Lazenby, Moorsholm and Charltons.

The Borough’s two Labour MPs, Vera Baird and Ashok Kumar, could have voted against the closures in Parliament on 19 March, but chose instead to back the Government’s closure of 2500 post offices nationally.

This is despite both having campaigned against closures locally.

Our Labour MPs have behaved despicably and hypocritically over post offices.

One minute they are campaigning in the constituency to save post offices, the next they are voting in Parliament to get rid of them. Local people will see their campaigns to save post offices for the hollow sham that they are.

Our MPs have failed in their duty to fight for local services for local people. This sort of cynical behaviour undermines trust in politicians generally. Our area deserves better representation.

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