Monday, 18 February 2008

More fun to play in Locke Park, Redcar

It's more fun in the playground at Locke Park, Redcar!

A new multi-activity unit consisting of a slide, bridge and climbing ropes, designed for three to five year olds, has been installed in a project, organised by the Friends of Locke Park and Redcar and Cleveland Council.

The equipment, costing £12,300, has arrived thanks to a successful bid to Awards for All, a grant-making body providing small community-based grants, funded by the National Lottery, with the Council installing the new attraction.

Friends secretary Carolyn Farrance said: "We're a bit too old to use the equipment ourselves, but we know it's going to provide an awful lot of enjoyment for the families who visit the Park.

"We're only too pleased to be able to help. This piece of equipment adds to the items bought last year for the younger children using the playground area, all with the profits from our annual Gala Day, as well as help and support from a number of grant-making bodies and the Council."


Anonymous said...

Judging by today’s half-term activity the additions to the children’s play area of Locke Park appear to have been a success. How unfortunate it is that the previous regime failed to bring about any adequate change in Redcar's fortunes, (other than the burden of the Coatham Project): a project that the coalition, after being shown the door by the electorate, appears to have forgotten.

Chris & Glynis Abbott said...

The previous 'regime', as you call it, completely transformed Locke Park.

The lake was drained, airators were fitted for the first time and new silt traps were installed to replace those fitted under Labour that did not work and ended up killing most of the fish. The play equipment was replaced and footpaths improved.

We provided a properly laid out car park on the stray to replace the gravel one.

We improved and extended Kirleatham Street Car Park and won awards for security at it.

We brought Atonement to Redcar and ensured it was a success for the town.

New primary and secondary schools were provided and one more primary set in the process of replacement. Roseberry Square was transformed.

Streets were cleaned and dog dirt removed more regularly. The grass verges were cut which never seemed to happen under Labour.

We worked with Redcar & Cleveland College to bring about the brand new state of the art education facilities that will be equal to any in the country and fought for the new hospital that is on course to start soon.

Under Labour in less than 12 months we once again have filthy streets and dog dirt everywhere; we have lost our Street Wardens to Guisborough; lost our successful Yorkshire Festival; got into a mess with Coatham Links because the new cabinet chooses to ignore professional advice and would rather make political capital than fight for the development; they appear to have abandoned the wonderful Visitor and Performance facility, in spite of supporting a Lib Dem motion to complete Coatham Links in full.

Labour have abandoned our plan to build a new Civic Centre in Redcar which would give the town back its civic pride, make it easier for residents to access Council facilities, enormously reduce the amount of travelling for Council staff between Council buildings and boost shopping in the town centre.

In addition to all that Labour are planning to put up the Council Tax by a massive 4.9%, well above inflation and make £5.5m in cuts to vital public services, inspite of being elected on a promise of no increases in Council tax and no cuts in services. On top of that we are faced with similar rises in the Labour controlled Police and Fire Brigade budgets.