Monday, 18 February 2008

Ian Swales calls for action on Boating Lake restoration

Pictured with Ian Swales are Coatham Ward Councillors Josie Crawford (left) & Irene Curr.

With work delayed on the derelict boating lake for twelve months now and another summer season on the way Redcar is looking in a sorry state to welcome visitors.

Ian Swales, the Liberal Democrats Prospective Parliamentary Candidate for Redcar, has called for action to be taken as soon as possible to begin work of the restoration of the Boating Lake, that was due to start in the Spring of 2007.

Ian Swales said: "Surely the delay cannot be allowed to go on much longer. The funding for this was made available over one year ago and it is not part of the planning permission wrangle that has befallen the Coatham Links scheme. We need to have something for our visitors and the Council needs to act quickly."


Anonymous said...

What the Lib Dems have failed to pick up on is the fact that the boating lake has been sliding into disrepair for at least 5 years. For the 5 years in which the two Lib Dems councillors have represented the Coatham ward! Why call for action now Mr Swales?

Chris & Glynis Abbott said...

How wrong you are. The funding to restore the boating lake to its original 1930's style was in place to start in the Spring of 2007. It is a real pity that the new Labour administration has jailed to get on with it.

See our posting of 22nd August for example:

We have been calling for action for almost 12 months

John Smith said...

Who 'jailed' them? Or is that wishful thinking?