Friday, 29 February 2008

Changes to planning application process

Redcar and Cleveland Council is bringing in new Government guidelines ahead of schedule, which make the planning application process clearer and more efficient.

The Department for Communities and Local Government is launching 1APP, a Standard National Planning Application Form to replace all existing types of planning application forms within England.

With effect from April 6, 2008, this will be the only legal way of submitting a planning application within England, however there will be a transitional period until Tuesday, May 6.

The Council has now introduced 1APP therefore, if you are submitting a planning application, ensure you use the correct application form which will also include completion of the appropriate validation checklist containing all the necessary plans and documentation to validate your application.

1APP is primarily designed as an electronic form and is available online via the Planning Portal . These forms are also available to be downloaded from the Council's website in paper form. In addition, for those people without access to the internet, the forms can be obtained direct from the Council.

Further information regarding 1APP can be obtained by clicking on this link.

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