Tuesday, 4 September 2007

New Poll - Should Redcar & Cleveland Council retain Yorkshire as part of its postal address?

Posted by Chris:

At 2pm on Thursday, in the Town Hall, Fabian Road, Eston, Redcar and Cleveland Borough Councillors will debate a spiteful motion proposed by Labour Councillors to delete Yorkshire from the Council's postal address.

Let's be honest about it, this petty action will cost absolutely nothing to the Council, though it may cost Royal Mail money in wasted time having to hand sort incorrectly addressed letters. It cost the Council nothing to add Yorkshire in the first place and it will cost nothing to replace it. I make this point because when it was first proposed that we use Yorkshire as part of the postal address Labour Councillors claimed it would cost £80,000 and they have spent years whining in the local press about the cost of associating the area with Yorkshire, when there is no cost. They actually made up the £80,000 cost and the annoying thing is that people believe them.

I was sent, last night, extracts from a local website that showed comments from anonymous posters objecting to the Labour motion. The only problem about that is all they could refer to was the cost of deleting Yorkshire from the postal address. What I am interested in is not the cost (there is none) it is the value. Redcar, Yorkshire means something. It identifies exactly where we are and associates the area with our real County. More than one thousand years of history and heritage is what it means to be part of Yorkshire.

Local government changes are made regularly and will be made again in the future, there is no doubt about that. England needs stable geography and there is no need to change the name of the area every time the name of the local Council changes. Areas for local government can be shown alongside real Counties on maps. As my posting yesterday explains what Labour proposes is nonsensical and will cause chaos for the postal service.

I have added a new Poll on the sidebar please express your views. You can also use the comments section.

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Anonymous said...

According to the latest Wikipedia Redcar is in the county of North Yorkshire.

I live on Marske-by-the-Sea High Street and if adding Redcar and Cleveland to my address means my mail might go to Redcar High Street by mistake then lets use Yorkshire.

Everyone prefers Yorkshire anyways. :o)

Sean (Marske)