Sunday, 30 September 2007

Comment on Coatham Links

Posted by Chris:

This blog has received a comment, via the anonymous option, to this posting which was predominantly about Labour but did make reference to Coatham Links, the topic of the comment, which we have rejected.

We reserve the right not to publish anonymous postings even when the writer identifies himself if we consider them to be offensive, personal or if we think they may be libelous. All three apply in this case.

The blogger whose name appears on the bottom of the comment does not allow comments at all on his blog, at least that was the case the last time I looked.

If the person concerned would like to re-send the comments with all the references to other people removed we will be happy to publish the points that refer to me, and any additional ones he may have, as a blog item and answer them point by point in good faith.

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