Wednesday, 12 September 2007

Lib Dems are the greenest and that's official

Posted by Glynis:

Liberal Democrat Councillors on Redcar & Cleveland Borough Council are delighted that an independent report has named the Lib Dems as the greenest of the main parties.

The report entitled “Green Standard” is published by an alliance of respected environmental campaign groups including Greenpeace, Friends of the Earth and the Woodland Trust.

It awarded the Lib Dems three “green lights” approving their policies. Labour received only one and the Conservatives none.

This confirms what we have always known. Whilst the other parties talk about the environment, only the Liberal Democrats put words into action. We have ambitious plans to make it easier for people to make their homes greener, and to tax pollution.

In Redcar and Cleveland the Lib Dem-led Coalition which ran the Council until May built “green” schools such as Freebrough in Brotton. We gave free home insulation to homes with residents over 60 or under five. But now Labour has stopped this scheme. This shows that at local and national level it is only the Lib Dems who are committed to action on the environment.

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