Thursday, 27 September 2007

Football Association chickens out of holding an inquiry into Leeds points penalty

Posted by Chris:

Leeds United have been informed by the Football Association that they do not think it is "appropriate" for there to be any further inquiry into the scandalous imposition of a 15-point penalty so eagerly confirmed by our rival clubs.

Well I'm sure that has rattled us enough to keep on socking it to 'em for a few more games then.

Two fingers to the Football Association as well as the Football League.

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Norfolk Blogger said...

I think that Leeds ought to just accept their punishment. ken Bates thought he had found a clever loophole to avoid a 10 points deduction from this year's legue points total. Then stupidly Leeds make another error allowing the Football League to impose a bigger sanction. Does their 15 point deduction fit the crime they were caught for ? No , probably not. but taken with the avoidance of the ten point fine that they should ahve had BUT for the loophole, Leeds punishment may be just about correct.

Sorry if you disagee. I expect you will. but I have no axe to grinf. I am aa Norwich City season ticket holder and an Everton fan too, so I really have no personal grouse with Leeds.

Arguably, the 15 point deduction has galvanised Leeds in a way that might never of happened before.