Thursday, 23 September 2010

Who said Politics wasn’t fun?

The Liberal Democrat Conference this week has seen motions debated by the grass roots of the party, it’s had more fringe events discussing a wide range of topics and we were privileged to hear from many senior figures both in the party and in Government.

But conference would not be conference without a little light relief and this year, Ian Swales MP competed against his Liberal Democrat colleagues in a Virtual Archery game as well as (without knowing) competing in the badge competition!

Mr Clegg, hit a perfect ten with his final shot, shouting “bullseye” across the hall however, his efforts fell just short of Ian Swales and John Hemming MP who filled the top spots in the early part of the game. More MPs then joined in the fun and Ian soon found himself further down the leader board than he would like. He made up for it by selling out of the badges at the Liberal Democrat Image stand and coming third in this competition. Who said that MPs don’t know how to have fun!

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