Friday, 24 September 2010

Local MP Ian Swales champions Olympics bid to get kids involved

Local Liberal Democrat MP, Ian Swales has written to all schools in his constituency to encourage them to take part in the ‘Get Set’ London 2012 education programme. Ian met with Seb Coe earlier this week and was encouraged to hear about how many schools were involved in the ‘Get Set’ programme. This programme aims to engage with young people in many different ways from encouraging active lifestyles to enterprise and creativity.

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Ian Swales said ‘’There are plenty of ways in which we can and should be encouraging children to get involved. This is a once in a lifetime opportunity for people to engage with a variety of events and ultimately being part, even if only in a small way, of the London 2012 Olympics.’’

‘’I have visited many of the schools in the Redcar and Cleveland area since being elected in May, and have been impressed with what I have seen. ‘Get Set’ seems to me to be an exciting way to encourage our young people to get involved with the many events surrounding the Olympics.’’

‘’I am happy to support any school that wishes to get more involved in these projects’’.

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Anonymous said...

What Mr Swales fails to realise is that the schools have been using this initiative along with many others for a long time now in preparation for the Olympics and Paralympics coming to London in 2012.

Schools are committed to delivering school sport competitions through the SSP Competition Managers. What Mr Swales does not mention is the fact that the Coalition Government have made the decision to cut the School Sport Partnerships.

How can schools deliver competitions if the hard work isn't done on the ground in firstly developing grass roots sports and its participants??? The best decision Mr Swales could have made is lobbying with his colleagues to fight to keep the SSP's in place! That way, this country will develop elite athletes and will have a much healthier nation of young people! Instead, childhood obesity is going to rise and before we know it, young people won't reach the age of 30!