Wednesday, 8 September 2010

Ian Swales backs Theresa Cave’s call for the removal of Voodoo Knife Set

Ian Swales MP for Redcar, supports Mrs Cave’s campaign to have the ‘Voodoo Knife Set,’ which depicts a man being repeatedly stabbed, removed from shops around the country. Ian believes that the set’s design promotes violent behaviour and sends worrying messages to impressionable youngsters.

The set was first discovered by Mrs Cave on a recent visit to Whitby, where it was displayed openly in a shop window. Theresa was horrified to overhear a young boy shouting at his mother to ‘buy me a stabbing man’ and after reading this Ian felt compelled to publicly support Teresa in her campaign.

The debate over these knives comes at a sensitive time for people in Redcar and Cleveland after recent series of incidents of knife crime and unprovoked violent attacks. Cleveland Police recently reported that incidents of knife crime had dropped in 2010, however, over 10 days in August, a succession of five attacks took place, two of which happened in Ian’s Redcar Constituency.

The designers of the knife block have claimed that they are not ‘designed to incite violence’, that it is an ‘artistic design, made tongue in cheek’, however Redcar MP Ian Swales said “ The artist may take a light hearted view of his creation but I feel this image should not be freely displayed to all ages. Anything which makes stabbing a human shaped figure seem OK, particularly to children, is offensive and should be withdrawn.’

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