Monday, 25 August 2008

What a waste of money sending Labour to represent the Council

Above is Labour Leader Councillor Dunning's report from his attendance at the Steel Alliance meeting in the House of Commons at which he represented Redcar and Cleveland Council.

The report appears on pages 245 to 247 of the Business Papers for the Cabinet Meeting to be held on 2nd September 2008.

Councillor Dunning is naive if he thinks that this report is good enough to justify him representing a Council that is responsible for spending hundreds of millions of pounds on behalf of the public.

The Council attends meetings and conferences all over the country. It is important that the Council gets value for money. It is supposed to provide us with an opportunity to share ideas, learn about the latest initiatives. We expect to receive a serious report that informs us about what new ideas he has brought back to improve things for RCBC and what policy changes may affect our area.

Instead what we receive from Councillor Dunning is a juvenile report about who he bumped into on the railway station and who he sat with at the table. There is nothing of any substance.

This report, like previous reports from Councillor Dunning, is simply not good enough. It is a clear indication that Councillor Dunning is struggling to provide effective representation on behalf of the Council Taxpayers.

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