Monday, 25 August 2008


Posted by Glynis;

Elderly residents in Greenhow Walk, Redcar have experienced various problems as a result of the building site for the new hospital.

Intermittent loss of TV signal is being caused by the timber site boundary wall being so close to the bungalows, and about the same height as the residents' TV aerials.

Residents have been disturbed by loud banging as early as 7.30am

Vandalism and anti social behaviour has been caused by local youths attempting to enter the compound.

I have been working with John Hannon and Ian Swales in an attempt to deal with the problems and make life easier for residents.

We approached the Primary Care Trust (PCT), who are responsible for the site and they promised to carry out a door knocking exercise. We understand they have already taken steps to deal with the early morning noise problem.

Lib Dem Prospective Parliamentary Candidate for Redcar, Ian Swales (pictured right) said: "The PCT also informed us that youths breaking into the building site could risk serious injury as the site is a very dangerous place."

John Hannon (pictured left), Prospective Lib Dem Candidate in the Kirkleatham Ward By Election said: "They have promised us that a new CCTV system, with direct lines to the police, is to be installed,

"Any unauthorised intruders will be picked up and identified by this hi-tech equipment."

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