Friday, 8 August 2008

Have your say on road safety in Roseberry Road

Concerns have been expressed regarding the safe operation of the PUFFIN crossing on Roseberry Road, Redcar.

The ideal solution to the concerns regarding the pedestrian crossing and the exit from Roseberry Square shops would have been a vehicular exit via the adjacent development onto Low Farm Drive and to this end the Highways section have been chasing the developers to consider this as a viable option when designing their scheme.

Unfortunately, the developers concerned do not see this as a reasonable solution in the best interests of their development and have therefore refused to consider a link up to the car park. The Council can not condition them to undertake this however but will continue to pursue it with them.

2 options have been put forward by Highway officers who are requesting views by 31st August:

Option 1.

Create a signalised junction of Mersey Road and Roseberry Road to allow for pedestrian crossing movement and remove the existing pedestrian crossing.

Concerns associated with this option are the delay to traffic at a junction that does not warrant signal control. Cars will therefore be delayed unnecessarily whist waiting for the lights to change 24X7. The cost of the woks is £120,000 with ongoing maintenance costs does not provide good value for money

This option is not recommended

Option 2

Maintain current entrance/exit and measures implemented via the risk assessment

Following the implementation of measures identified through the risk assessment

1. Re-alignment of traffic signal head on crossing lights to face
towards car park exit.
2. Hoods on signal head changed to expose more of the individual signal
from a more acute angle.
3. Erect warning signs for traffic exiting car park.
4. Ad-hoc monitoring of crossing by highways staff.

This has resulted in the risks being reduced to an acceptable level.

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Silverback said...

Come on Chris, where are the Leeds match reports ? Your overseas readers rely on them for impartial reporting.

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