Friday, 25 July 2008

WH Smith - What a RIP OFF!

Posted by Chris:

Went into WH Smith in Redcar High Street today to buy a permanent marker to put the numbers on the new ducks we bought for tomorrow's North Riding Duck Race.

They had a Paper Mate W10 at £4.99. I thought that was a little steep so I went across to Wollies to see what they had. I bought the exact same Paper Mate W10 for 99p!

I went back to WH Smith because I have gift tokens that I got from my kids for my birthday and complained about the price of the maker pen. I asked how can you justify charging £4.50 when Wollies sell the same thing for 99p? I was brushed off with "well some companies charge different prices for things."


Gordon said...

Shocking indeed!

I used to be an independent retailer and I routinely used to have stuff priced way below the multiples. Yet I almost always sourced it from wholesalers and know that they would have paid very much less for the identical item.

The public is being ripped off big-time.

Tom Papworth said...

Thank heavens for a competitive market place in which you can exercise your freedom to shop elsewhere.

Julian H said...

Why would you complain about a price? They can request whatever price they like, and if it's more expensive than people are prepared to pay then like yourself the people will go elsewhere and WH Smiths will lose money. Their business, their problem. This post is just an example of a healthy market in action.

Anonymous said...

Ya wh smith are really bad and there staff don't get me started on them.