Friday, 18 July 2008

Lib Dems Attack Labour Road Safety Hypocrisy

Liberal Democrat councillors at Redcar & Cleveland Borough Council today accused the Council’s Labour leadership of hypocrisy over road safety issues.

The Labour-run council recently scrapped its Road Safety Committees and transferred their functions to Area Committees, where road safety issues will not get the same attention.

In 2003, when in opposition, Labour wrongly accused the Council of scrapping Road Safety Committees. The Coalition then running the council did not scrap them but simply stopped paying expenses to councillors for going to the meetings.

In the Northern Echo in July 2003 the current Leader of the Council, Labour’s George Dunning, said that scrapping Road Safety Committees would be “a disaster” that “could mean more deaths and injuries on our roads”, and that the committees “provided the ideal forum where local fears could be discussed in detail”

We couldn’t agree more.

So why has his administration now done exactly what he said he was against back then?

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