Wednesday, 9 July 2008

Lord Mayor of Hull to unveil newly registered Yorkshire flag

The Yorkshire Ridings’ Society recently requested the U K Flag Institute to enter the Yorkshire Flag in the U K register of flags which is maintained by the Institute.

Members of the society were very surprised that the well known flag was not already included in the register, so made the request.

Since a change in regulations, last year, relating to the flying of flags, registered county flags have been included, alongside national flags, the European Community flag, and certain saints flags, as ‘exempt flags’ which means that they are exempt the planning requirements to which other flags are subject.

As the Yorkshire Ridings’ Society has encouraged the flying of the Yorkshire flag, especially on Yorkshire Day (1st August), it was thought important to in time for this year’s celebrations.
Registration of the flag establishes the white rose on a blue background as the flag of the historic county of Yorkshire, irrespective of any administrative areas which have been superimposed on the county over the past 35 years.

To celebrate the registration of the Yorkshire flag, a commemorative Yorkshire flag has been made by J.W. Plant, flag makers, of Leeds, for the Yorkshire Ridings Society. This flag will be ceremonially unfurled, by the Lord Mayor of Hull, at a ceremony on Tuesday 29th July at 12.30. The event will take place at Queen’s Gardens in Hull (Outside the Flag Institute’s Library.

The flag, mounted on a specially made staff, which represents the three Ridings of Yorkshire and the City of York, will then be carried, by members of the society and friends to York. It will arrive at Walmgate Bar at 10.30m on Yorkshire Day, 1st August to be used in the Yorkshire Day celebrations around the walls of York and in St. Sampson’s Square.

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