Saturday, 29 December 2007

Labour MP, Vera Baird, let the people of Redcar down over Coatham Links

How much longer must Coatham Links remain fenced off waiting for development?

Redcar's Labour MP, Vera Baird, "is being irresponsible and has let the people of Redcar down over the Coatham Links development," a political rival has claimed.

Ian Swales, Liberal Democrats Prospective Parliamentary Candidate for Redcar (Pictured above), hit out after the MP blamed the former Coalition for taking a decision to grant Planning Permission for the £88million Coatham Links development close to an election period, which was recently ruled out of order by a High Court Judge.

"The decision taken by the Planning Committee was an all party one and Councillors not only followed the advice of professional officers but also took advice from top QC's every step of the way. Their advice was that it was perfectly appropriate for the Committee to meet when it did. The Council’s decision was supported by the Government shortly afterwards.

"It’s impossible to know at any one time where Vera Baird stands on the Coatham development. Until last May’s elections she seemed to be on the side of protestors against the Lib Dem-led Coalition. Then she seemed to be backing the new Labour Council’s support for the development and was being condemned by protestors. What does she really want?

"Our Member of Parliament should be working with everyone who wants to see this long-awaited development succeed. I am appalled at her lack of leadership. Liberal Democrats remain committed to the completion of Coatham Links in full and will campaign vigorously against any attempt to water down the scheme. The current administration's priorities seem to be elsewhere in the Borough and I fear they will use this decision as an excuse to submit a much reduced development in terms of quality and benefits for local people."

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