Tuesday, 18 December 2007

Cleggy is the new Leader of the Liberal Democrats

Nick Clegg is the new leader of the Liberal Democrats. Nick won a very narrow victory over Chris Huhne who ran an aggressive campaign and was thought to have gained support as the campaign went on.

The result was as follows:

Nick Clegg - 20.988
Chris Huhne - 20.477

Yorkshire MP, Cleggy, pictured above in Newcastle with Chris (left), and Glyn Nightingale, was our favourite for the job because, as Glynis wrote on her endorsement, "Nick has made a big impression on Liberal Democrats in a very short time. He has the ability to quickly establish himself with voters and improve our ratings in the polls."

Nick paid tribute to Chris Huhne, acting leader Vince Cable and his predecessor Ming Campbell. He said the Liberal Democrats will be "more professional, more united and more ambitious." To disillusioned voters he said "a newly united, energetic Liberal Party is the party for you."

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