Friday, 7 December 2007

Canoe man and his family are starting to remember what happened

Posted by Chris:

Back from the dead canoe man, John Darwin, who is currently being interviewed a mile or so up the road from here, at Redcar & Cleveland police headquarters, in Kirkleatham Business Park, used the name John Jones and travelled freely in and out of Britain, according to tonight's Evening Gazette report.

It seems he is just starting to remember what happened to him after his disappearance, five years ago, that started a 200sq mile sea search, costing £70,000 and lasting several days.

A boat dealer has come forward to claim that Darwin put down a £1000 deposit on a £45,000 boat, paid for out of his wife's bank account and gave his address as the family home at Seaton Carew.

The most curious thing is that Mrs Darwin, having first denied knowing that her husband was still alive, then admitted she knew when a picture of the couple, taken last year, came to light. Her response was that her sons would never forgive her, followed quickly by a statement from her sons publicly disowning her. They have now reportedly left their homes.

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