Thursday, 27 July 2006

Spoof letters - the plot thickens

Posted by Chris.

Whoever it is that is behind the spoof letters in the local Evening Gazette and Northern Echo that I referred to in my posting "beware of wolves in sheeps clothing," on 17th July, has sent in a comment to this blog pretending to be from one the names used.

The comment was as follows: "If you can't take the heat, get out of the kitchen Chris."

That seems like an admission to me that something is wrong. I strongly suspect that someone is indulging in a campaign to mislead the public for political gain. They may think it is OK to fill the letters pages of local papers with spoof letters to mislead the public. I think it is dishonest and corrupt.

If this person/persons would like to contact me, other than anonymously, and proves that he/she actually exists, I will be delighted to meet with them and discuss the issues they raise.

However, it is beyond belief that there are such a high number of correspondents, to these newspapers, that are clearly interested in local politics but are not on the electoral register. The other odd thing is that no one in their areas has heard of them either. Do they pay Council Tax?

Most of these letters refer to the Council Tax as if they did pay it so they should also be registered electors.

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