Wednesday, 19 July 2006

Beware of wolves in sheep's clothing

Posted by Chris

Over the past two or three years the local Evening Gazette and Northern Echo has printed a series of similar letters repeating over and over again the same misleading one sentence "soundbites" that Labour Councillors spout on Redcar & Cleveland Council.

The strange thing is that these letters are alleged to be written by residents of Redcar, Brotton and Skelton that nobody seems to know. They also do not appear on the electoral register.

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Paul Walter said...

Chris and Glynis

I suggest writing replies to the letters and asking the editor to send them to the people who sent them in (he or she should have the addresses).

Also, you could reply to the letters for publication asking: "If Mr X is so concerned about local matters surely the first thing he would do is vote - but I cannot find his name on the publicly available electoral roll".