Sunday, 23 July 2006

Redcar Prom is taking shape as a film set

Left is a bombed out building, under construction on Redcar Esplanade, in preparation for the Dunkirk scenes for the new blockbuster film Atonement which starts in early August.

A bandstand shelter is also being built, just to the right, out of shot, painted in nice French style, pastel, blues and greens, with a hole in the roof, clearly where a shell went through. The fitness centre, positioned where the photograph was taken from, next to the Regency Mansions, has had an extra storey built on, that makes it look like a blown up building with peeling wallpaper.

Some of the four storey houses, along the front, are getting bright new coats of paint. Even though it is all made from timber and plywood and most of it has yet to be painted up, it certainly is very realistic and everyone in town is very excited about the whole thing. We hope they leave the bandstand shelter as it is, even though it is made of wood. The campaign starts here for a permanent structure.

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