Saturday, 7 June 2014

Time the anti Lib Dem press backed off

The media has stoked up this anti Lib Dem mood that currently exists in the country and it is time they backed off and started to treat us fairly. 

Too many people are brushing it off by saying it's what you expect when you are in Government or Labour has had a bad time from the Tory press for years. But not page after page day after day since 2010 as we have had from the likes of the dreadful Daily Mail, The Sun and even the Guardian which does it in a very subtle way. 

Prior to 2010 we were lucky if we could get a line in any of the Tory papers but now we are treated abysmally.

Millions of people see this every day. There is no good publicity to balance it up anywhere. Someone like Paddy Ashdown needs to tell them to back off. David Cameron should too. We have kept him in power and shielded him from a lot of the stuff we have taken directly on the chin for him. The Tory press are doing it because we have been a restraining influence on the Tory Government and the Labour press because we put the Tories in. They get away with it because we don't point out the unfairness of it and take 'em on.

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