Saturday, 31 May 2014

Time for the dreadful Daily Mail to BACK OFF

Since 2010 the dreadful Daily Mail has run the most vicious anti-Lib Dem campaign on page after page of the paper, day after day after day. 
Every columnist includes nasty remarks against individuals, stories are blown up well out of proportion. It cannot possibly be good for democracy if this is allowed to continue unchallenged.

1.7m people buy this paper. Millions more buy other Labour or Tory supporting titles that also target the Lib Dems each day albeit not as obsessively as the Daily Mail, It is bound to have an effect on those who read it and may well be at least partly responsible for the anti-Lib Dem mood in the country.
They clearly resent the fact 57 Lib Dem MPs have a moderating influence of the Conservatives and want to ensure we pay the price for it. They ignore totally the good things the Lib Dems have done in Government and can't admit the Conservatives cannot govern without us, or accept that we did it first and foremost for the good of the country at a time when the economy was in tatters. They ignored us completely for 80 years prior to 2010 now it is as if they aim to destroy us.
Members of Parliament, it appears to me, are afraid of taking on the press and telling them to back off but someone has to. They need to be held to account and be made to justify their vicious campaign.

The Daily Mail surely must be breach the journalist code of conduct. There is no balance at all. It cannot be fair by any stretch of the imagination but it goes unchallenged for want of someone with some clout to stand up and say “back off you have gone too far.”

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