Wednesday, 28 May 2014

Big majority in Yarm 4 Yorkshire Poll

24% voted in the Yarm 4 Yorkshire poll last night 1465 'Yes' and 177 'No.' 

On 22nd May1986 a similar poll in *Yarm voted 1675 'Yes' and 682 'No.' On that occasion 41.7% voted.

Also in 1986 *Guisborough voted overwhelmingly 4950 to 953 in favour of Yorkshire.

In *Loftus, however, the result was much closer. A 32.64% poll voted 1153 for Yorkshire and 1129 against. A majority of 24 in favour of Yorkshire, which was reported in the press as a 'Yorks vote snub.' 

The reason for this small majority was no doubt a lot to do with the campaign run by Loftus Labour Party who turned it into a choice between Labour and Tory, claiming 'a vote for North Yorkshire was a vote for Mrs Thatcher.'

*Source - The Fight For Yorkshire by Michael Bradford Hutton Press Ltd 1988.

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