Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Lib Dem launches Middlesbrough jobs plan

Urgent action is needed to turn around Middlesbrough's jobs crisis, according a local employment expert.

Launching his official 'jobs plan' for the town today, Lib Dem Parliamentary candidate George Selmer said Middlesbrough had been neglected by Labour for decades and needed a strong voice representing the area in Westminster.

Speaking outside the Corporation Road Jobcentre, where he and Ian Swales MP met local jobseekers, George said:
George jobcentre
"Unemployment in Middlesbrough is among the highest in the country. The town needs an MP who can turn that around.
"For too long, Labour have been happy to accept second best for this area. Their neglect and complacency is shocking.
"I've spent my career getting unemployed people back to work. I know how to fix Middlesbrough's jobs problem.
"You only have to look next door to see the positive 
George and Ian jobcentre

George Selmer works to help unemployed people back to work

impact a Lib Dem MP can make. While youth unemployment is rising in Middlesbrough, it has fallen by 6% in Redcar." 

Redcar MP Ian Swales added,

"While Labour are still pining over the loss of One North East - a Tynside-focused quango that consistently overlooked Teesside - George is concentrating on the solutions that will help people here in Middlesbrough.
"That means a focus on apprenticeships, and securing Regional Growth Funding for local businesses. "It means banging the drum for Teesside in Westminster to help attract new jobs and encourage existing firms to expand.
"Tackling unemployment is the number one challenge facing Middlesbrough's next MP. Local voters should back the man with a plan."

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