Thursday, 22 November 2012

GFH Capital have at last signed a deal for Leeds United but want Ken Bates to stay on as President

I recognise that Ken Bates played an important role in saving Leeds United and has given the club a solid foundation. In other ways, however, he has been a public relations disaster and would, in my opinion, make a totally unsuitable club President.

You only have to read his comments reported in the Yorkshire Evening Post to see that he would be a nightmare as President. The club has just announced that GFH Capital have signed a deal for the club and all he can contribute is a rant about liars, chancers and conmen.

The club President should be a local figurehead that has the respect and approval of the supporters. I was hoping the chants of "Bates out" would now end but it looks like they are set to continue indefinitely.

Mr Bates will, in fact, remain as Chairman until the end of the season and then become club President.

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