Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Labour wasting our waste say Lib Dems

Liberal Democrats in Redcar & Cleveland are asking why the Labour council gives away the cardboard and plastic it collects whilst other councils manage to sell it.
Liberal Democrat Councillor Chris Abbott asked a question about this in July’s council meeting. He was told that the Council gets no money for the plastic and cardboard collected from households in the borough.
It costs the Council £245,950 a year to collect these items. It is then handed over free to a firm in Hartlepool who process and sell it, with no income at all coming back to the Council.
However, the Council has today admitted that other authorities do manage to sell waste cardboard and plastic.
Liberal Democrat Councillor Chris Abbott commented:
“It is ridiculous to give cardboard and plastics away free if they can be processed and sold.
“Once again Labour is wasting taxpayers’ money.
“This year Labour gave local people the highest council tax rise in the land.
“That surely gives them an obligation to use resources in the most effective way possible.
“This is yet another slap in the face to hard working taxpayers.
“Labour clearly finds it easier to just put up council tax rather than run services more efficiently.”

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