Thursday, 21 June 2012

Road safety campaign success - Zebra crossings to be raised at Marske.

Following a campaign by Redcar MP Ian Swales, Councillor Madge Moses (pictured right), Parish Councillor Margaret Wilson (pictured left) and local residents, the zebra crossings in Marske are to be raised, acting as a traffic-calming measure and improving pedestrian safety.
Following a series of accidents in the area around Marske High Street, the MP received a number of cases from residents concerned about pedestrian safety. He raised the issue with the Council who have confirmed that a consultation will be undertaken, with work planned for the next financial year, pending the consultation’s outcome. The crossing on Redcar Road and the two on the High Street are all expected to be raised.
Ian Swales MP said:
“This is very good news for the people of Marske. The new, raised crossings will make drivers slow down and improve pedestrian safety in the village. It is a very busy thoroughfare and I’m glad the Council agree that improvements should be made.”

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