Thursday, 21 June 2012

Coast Road speeding campaign gets underway in Redcar.

Cllr Josh Mason (left) and Cllr Ron Harrison (right)  with Emma Boyes and her daughter Leila, along with Spike the road safety mascot.

A speed awareness event was held yesterday on Redcar’s Stray as part of a campaign, sponsored by Redcar and Cleveland Council to reduce irresponsible driving on the Coast Road.

It included appearances by Spike the Hedgehog as well as driving simulation equipment to test drivers’ reflexes.

The event follows a campaign by local resident Emma Boyes to tackle speeding on the Coast Road. “Coast Road Action Group” (CRAG) has been established to garner support for the initiative and liaise with the Council on what can be done to improve the problem.

Emma Boyes said:

“It was a great day! Thank you to every one for their support and to the Council for organising the day. I really appreciate everyone getting involved and supporting the campaign. I won’t give up until the issue is resolved!” 

Local Councillors Josh Mason and Ron Harrison strongly support the campaign.

Josh Mason said:

“There is a perennial problem of anti-social driving on this stretch of road. Providing safe crossing points is a key priority as, at present, there is only one zebra crossing to service the whole stretch of road. I am glad the Council are supporting CRAG’s campaign and I look forward to future improvements.”

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