Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Lib Dem Councillor Ron Harrison slams Labour slurs

Speaking at a meeting of Redcar and Cleveland Borough Council Zetland Ward CouncilIor Ron Harrison hit out at claims by a Maverick Labour Councillor that "Lib Dem Councillors laughed at the disabled."

"I would like to correct a misunderstanding which appears to have occurred during the full council meeting in November.

"Cllr T. Learoyd has written extensively in the press and in leaflets which have been distributed to thousands of homes in Redcar that Liberal Democrat members were laughing at disabled people during the meeting.

"I clearly and categorically wish to state that this was not the case and I am disgusted that another councillor would say that it was.

"The laughter which took place and which was not restricted to Liberal Democrat members was actually provoked by the ridiculous and bizarre histrionics that Cllr Learoyd subjects us to every time he speaks in public.

"The quality of humility and the ability to laugh at one’s self is one which Cllr Learoyd would do well to develop - as he gains some maturity.

"Finally, Cllr Learoyd consistently uses the bullying politics of the playground, something which I have never accepted in the past and which I refuse to accept now.

"I therefore call upon him to apologise unreservedly, as he is driving a coach and horses through the members’ code of conduct."

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