Friday, 16 December 2011

More scurrilous Labour smears against the Lib Dems in Coastal View

Coastal View free newspaper has long been in the habit of publishing verbatim the scurrilous exaggerations and twisted logic of recently elected St Germain's Ward Councillor T. Learoyd but they surpass themselves in issue No 18.

Apart from the fact that there is no balance in any of the articles they publish, no journalism or even a hint of impartiality the subject is so childish it beggars belief.

No Liberal Democrat Councillor would laugh at the disabled and no decent person would suggest that they did.

I was not present at the meeting, due to my bereavement. It is I think the first time I have ever missed full Council, but I am absolutely sure if my colleagues were laughing they were laughing at Councillor Learoyd and the bizarre remarks he makes. He reminds us of Citizen Smith in the 1970s comedy sit com. His comments are based on the same 1970's rhetoric which was bonkers then and is even more bonkers now.

Councillor Learoyd is desperate to smear hard working Lib Dem MP Ian Swales and Lib Dem Councillors. He keeps accusing us of anything and everything and Coastal View publish it all for him verbatim. His bizarre allegations about the Lib Dems are often for things his own Labour colleagues or the Labour Government have done or were responsible for. Whatever it is twist it round and blame it on the Lib Dems must be his motto.

When we protested at not being allowed to respond to Cllr Learoyd's attempts to blame the Lib Dems for the last Labour Government's cuts to the NHS, we walked out of the Council chamber in protest whilst Cllr Learoyd made his allegations and then came straight back in, no more than five minutes. Councillor Learoyd photographed what he claimed were the empty seats, even though some of the Lib Dems were already back in the room by then.

No body made a fuss or photographed his empty seat when Councillor Learoyd was missing from the Cabinet meeting that discussed in private proposals to sell off Council land and property. Nor did we photograph his empty seat when the Council was debating the budget and the 3.5% Council Tax increase being imposed on us by the Labour Council. Ducking out of the meeting and letting the decisions be taken by others is the same as voting for them.

I feel sure the electors of St Germains Ward will not thank the Councillor when they find out he has let them down so badly.

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