Sunday, 13 March 2011

Lib Dems will ditch Labour's "Vertical Pier"

Posted by Chris:

If Liberal Democrats win control of Redcar and Cleveland Borough Council at the elections in May they will abandon the Labour Council’s controversial plans to erect an 80’ "Vertical Pier" On Redcar seafront.

Labour have simply not convinced people that building an 80’ tower on the seafront and renting the space to a cafe and craft industries is sustainable. The attraction of climbing up it to see the view is pretty limited and the huge cost of paying back the debt and maintaining the facility does not justify going ahead with something no-one seems to want.

A Focus survey carried out by the Lib Dems in Redcar  this autumn asked residents: "Should the Council build the proposed 80’ "vertical pier" on Redcar sea front? Hundreds responded with more than 97% answering NO.

It is hard to find anyone who thinks the "vertical pier" plan is a good idea and we need to listen. Giving it planning permission is one thing, there were no legal grounds to turn it down but going ahead in the face of such solid opposition is just plain ridiculous.

Local Liberal Democrats have long campaigned for a proper pier at Redcar and this should be the Council’s aim

The Council have recently put the "vertical pier" out to tender but the contract for the work is not due to be signed until after the Council elections. If the Liberal Democrats win we shall abandon it.


russthered said...

Do you remember saying this?

“Watch my lips - I support the viewing tower."

Chris and Glynis Abbott said...

Yes, but what I actually said was “Watch my lips - I support the viewing tower. But support for something does not mean slavish subservience to what the council is doing and saying.”

Since then we have consulted the public. Their message was a very clear NO and we have to listen as I made clear in the posting. Labour does not believe in consultation or listening to the public. They make a decision, consult people and stick to the original decision.

Now if you want to post anymore comments on my blog I need your correct name and address as a sign of good faith. We do not publish anonymous comments anymore.

Chris Abbott

Anonymous said...

Why did your councillors carry on voting for the VP even after you got the results of your survey back? (Ref: planning committee in December).

Chris and Glynis Abbott said...

Breaking our rule once again (for the absolute last time)that we do not publish anonymous comments Lib Dem Councillors take sitting on the Planning Committe seriously. It is a sudi-judicial role and you cannot just refuse planning permission because the idea is crap and the public don't like it.

There were clearly no legal grounds to refuse planning permission. If it had been turned down the Council could have appealed, which would be even more public money wasted.

Just because planning permission is granted does not mean you must go ahead with building the thing.

Chris Abbott

PS: Please in future, as a sign of good faith, provide us with your correct name and address and we do not publish anonymous comments.