Tuesday, 1 March 2011

Councillors should not set their own pay – Lib Dems

Redcar & Cleveland’s Liberal Democrat Group today abstained on the issue of councillors’ allowances.
The Independent Remuneration Panel which looks into councillors pay recommended no change this year.
Lib Dem Leader Councillor Chris Abbott, who represents Newcomen ward, said:
“We welcome the freeze in councillors’ allowances. To increase the amounts would have been quite wrong in the current economic climate.”
But there is a more fundamental issue here. Councillors should not be setting their own pay, and we have asked the Government to consider taking the decision away from councillors altogether.”

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Hywel said...

I don't understand why any increases in Cllrs allowances are not linked to the pay increase of council staff. I'd suggest picking some middle tier officer so that you avoid the extremes of either end

That would seem like an obvious comparator and do away with this unseemly debate.