Tuesday, 30 March 2010

Excellent Fish and Chips in Redcar

Posted by Chris:

I have just been in the newly re-opened fish and chip shop in Westmorland Road, The Small Fry. They are excellent; the batter is first class and I do like the crinkle cut chips. I didn't check the vinegar but I feel sure it is not watered down like some in the area.


allan.jackson said...

Hi Chris and Glynis. Nice to hear you enjoyed your fish and chips from our shop Small Fry. We spend many hours preparing our food and have a real passion for our national dish.

Best fishes,
Alan Jackson

russthered said...

Very impressed with the fish and the batter. However the chips were 'white' not a lover of that, or crinkly ones.. each to his own though.

Will use it again, even though it's the other side of the racecourse.

Well done, good product.

Cllr. Ivan said...

Hi Chris and Glynis

It is a small world.
I am an Independent councillor on High Peak Borough Council
I am also Small Fry's webmaster
Thanks for your kind comments and I have linked to your blog from

Ivan Bell

wildcard said...

It seems our crinkle cut chips are a bit like Marmite. We have had comments ranging between 'chips to die for' to 'bloody awful'

But, you can't please all of the people all of the time.

wildcard said...

We have solved the white chips problem by altering the sugar/starch ratio in the potatoes.

I cant tell you how we did this becaause If I told you I would have to kill you. :-)

I can tell you though that we have 6 Seafish friers awards for excellence in our Guisborough shop.

Best fishes,