Sunday, 28 March 2010

Campaign for a Pier at Redcar

The campaign for a pier at Redcar has enlisted the support of journalist Chris Foote-Wood who has written two books celebrating Britain's seaside piers.

Chris, who is standing for the Liberal Democrats in Middlesbrough has joined up with Redcar's Lib Dem Candidate, Ian Swales, who launched the campaign for a traditional pier at Redcar in November and has received the support of hundreds of residents who have signed his petition.

Say's Ian: "I am delighted that Chris has joined our campaign. He is a noted expert and his book has helped to revive interest in the seaside pier.

"It is clear from the response we have been receiving from residents that a traditional seaside frontage, complete with a proper pier is what they want for Redcar."

Chris said: "I have always loved seaside piers. In 2007 and 2008 I visited every remaining seaside pleasure pier in the UK to write two pier books. Piers are part of our heritage and an enduring attraction. Redcar did have a pier, but it was demolished in 1981. A new pier at Redcar would be a great attraction, it would boost tourism and provide indoor as well as outdoor entertainment".


Anonymous said...

Were Lib Dem councillors on the Committee that approved the vertical pier?

How do you propose to fund this pier, by the way?

Chris and Glynis Abbott said...

There were two Lib Dem Councillors on the Committee but they did not support the chosen theme, prefering a traditional sea-side frontage like most other residents of Redcar.

The campaign for a proper pier has nothing to do with what the Council is proposing and is in addition to it.

We were advised some time ago that a proper pier would cost £3m and this should be a prioroty for the Council and would attract grant funding.

russthered said...

Can you tell me who did the costing of building a new pier? What would we get for £3m?

Chris and Glynis Abbott said...

The estimate of £3m was obtained from Redcar Council's Head of Highways as part of a discussion that took place three or four years ago on I think at the time I had asked for the cost of providing a pier similar to the one at Saltburn.

The cost of the pier is nothing compared to the value of having one. Labour, who are blocking it, only refer to the cost of something when they oppose it.

Chris Abbott

russthered said...

Thanks for the answer Chris, but you failed to answer the second part. What would we get for £3M? (and where would we get it from?)

Chris and Glynis Abbott said...

I think I did. Read it again.

russthered said...

Apologies, missed that. However, I'm not a civil engineer but I'm guessing £3m wouldn't cover the cost of Saltburn pier. The new Temenos'sculpture' in Middlesbrough cost £2.7M.