Friday, 8 January 2010

Ian Swales - A Positive Plan for Corus

Ian Swales, Liberal Democrat prospective MP for Redcar, has made a submission to Parliament's North East Regional Committee inquiry into Corus.

His document "a Positive Plan for Corus Teesside" was published before Christmas and has already had a good reception from Corus managers, Union officials and local politicians.

The plan calls for investment at Corus to reverse the fortunes of the declining site and suggests ways in which this could be financed.

Ian Swales said: "If Corus and the Government want to see it happen, Teesside could once again become a world leading site for the production of steel. What's needed is investment to put right the neglect of the last ten years and to introduce new technology. I have listed many opportunities including ideas to reduce the energy use and cost base of the site. A good example is to get on with building the giant windfarm that was approved way back in 2004. Short term subsidies may help the programme happen but are not the answer for the long term. My plan would create jobs, not destroy them, and get Teesside's heart beating again. The local community deserves nothing less than a serious attempt to make this happen."

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