Tuesday, 5 January 2010

How should Redcar and Cleveland Council be run in the future?

Redcar and Cleveland Council wants the public to get involved in a consultation about how it is run in the future.

Following a change in the law there will be two options to choose from, both different from the current system.

The choices - a Council Leader and Cabinet or a directly-elected Mayor and Cabinet - will be the subject of three months consultation in January, February and March and depending on the result, there could be a referendum in the summer.

The Council's existing arrangements involve 59 councillors elected every four years. The Leader and ten-member Cabinet are elected by the majority party on an annual basis.

The option of a Council Leader and Cabinet is similar to how the Council is currently run, all 59 councillors would decide who will be the Leader. Then the Leader would select their own Cabinet, appointing up to nine councillors, including a Deputy Leader. The Leader would remain in office for four years and could only be removed by a vote of no-confidence by the whole Council.

As in the existing arrangements, a Civic Mayor would continue to be appointed annually to carry out ceremonial and other duties.

The second option is for a directly-elected Mayor, elected by local people, and Cabinet. The directly-elected Mayor, who would serve for four years, would also select their own Cabinet, appointing up to nine councillors, including a Deputy Leader.

The differences are that the directly-elected Mayor could not be removed from office by the whole Council and, under this system, the title of Civic Mayor would probably disappear, although the Council could appoint one councillor to carry out these duties under an alternative title.

People can give their views through the Council’s website, by post or in planned group discussions and surveys. Depending on the results we may hold a public referendum in the summer of 2010.

You can write to Communities Team, Town Hall, Fabian Road, South Bank, Middlesbrough, Yorkshire, TS6 9AR, email to , visit or call 01642 774774.

The new arrangements need to be in place three days after the next local elections in May 2011.

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