Tuesday, 24 November 2009

Lib Dems not put off by Council's negative response to pier campaign:

Ian Swales collecting signatures on Redcar High Street.

Ian Swales and the Redcar Liberal Democrats are delighted by the initial response to their campaign for a pier at Redcar. There has been extensive media coverage and an enthusiastic response from residents and visitors to the town.

So far Redcar and Cleveland Council have not embraced the idea and have been defending their stance on not allowing the sea front redesign to include a pier.

Lib Dem Council Group Leader Chris Abbott said: "The reasons given by the Council for not wanting a pier just don't stand up to examination. They have mentioned the impact on a site of scientific interest towards South Gare. This is nowhere near the possible pier sites. They have also mentioned the impact on tides and sea defences. We are proposing a pier, not a breakwater,. This would have minimal impact on water flow."

Ian Swales said: "The Council have immediately jumped to defend their concept of a viewing tower which they dub a "vertical pier". We have no objections to this but cannot agree that it is any kind of replacement for a proper pier. It says something about their poverty of ambition that they see it as an either,or, decision. Redcar needs major investment in many facilities as is happening in towns all over the country including Middlesbrough and Stockton. We will carry on campaigning. We will not be put off by the Council's negative response."

You can sign the petition on-line here or download paper copies to gather signatures.

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