Monday, 16 November 2009


Ian Swales and Redcar Liberal Democrats have started a petition to try and get a new pier out to sea at Redcar.

The Council have announced major expenditure for Redcar sea front but no pier is included.

Ian Swales said "it's clear from talking to people around the town that the majority would like to have a proper pier again. Historically there were two piers. One at Coatham and one at Redcar. A new pier would be a fantastic asset that would bring anglers and many other visitors to the town. The report on the Council's "Love it, Hate it" sea front consultation with residents includes the statement "many people suggested a breakwater or pier".

It's not just local residents who feel this way. Within 10 minutes of starting to collect signatures on the High Street we met a visitor from Australia who said that Redcar beach was a perfect place for a pier.

We know there would be limitations on siting but there are possible locations close to the Regent cinema."

Chris Abbott, Leader of the Liberal Democrat Group on Redcar and Cleveland Council, backs the idea as do ward Councillors Irene Curr and Josie Crawford. Chris said "we need a whole series of attractions to bring people to the town and a pier, costing around £3m, would be an exciting addition."

You can sign the petition on-line or download paper copies to gather signatures by clicking here.

Photo shows, from left, Ian Swales with Redcar Councillors John Hannon, Irene Curr and Josie Crawford.

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