Wednesday, 21 October 2009

North Yorkshire County Council Lib Dem Group sign up for climate change measures

On the day Parliament debates whether or not to sign up to the 10:10 Campaign, the Liberal Democrat Group on North Yorkshire County Council has today signed up to the movement.

Last week the Lib Dem group put a motion to the Tory-run council which would have meant the council joining the campaign aimed at driving forward cuts in carbon emissions.

The 10:10 campaign calls on individuals, businesses and other organisations to work towards a 10% cut in carbon emissions in 2010.

However, the ruling Tories, along with Labour and Independents, refused to sign up.

Councillor Bill Hoult (pictured), Lib Dem Leader at County Hall, said:

“This week is very important for our environment. Parliament will today debate a Lib Dem motion about whether or not to commit Parliament and the Government to achieving a 10% reduction in carbon emissions in 2010. I hope that all North Yorkshire’s MPs will be supportive.

“It is also Energy Saving Week, so what better time to sign up?

“The Tory council may not be signing up, but my group intends to set an example to the rest of the councillors at County Hall. We are already looking at ways to reduce our environmental impact.” to reduce our environmental impact.”

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