Thursday, 22 October 2009

Local Labour MPs' vote against 10:10 motion

It is sad to see that local Labour MPs failed to support the Lib Dems 10:10 climate change motion debated in the House of Commons yesterday but it was not unexpected.

The 10:10 campaign is gaining support fast. Around 40,000 individuals are already signed up along with hundreds of organisations, businesses, schools and colleges. Almost 10,000 people emailed their MP calling on them to commit to a 10% reduction in emissions during 2010. But only 12 Labour MPs supported the motion. Vera Baird, Ashok Kumar, Sir Stuart Bell and Dari Taylor all voted against, whilst Frank Cook didn't vote.

It is particularly important that we do all we can to reduce emissions in the Teesside area with all our heavy industry and our MPs should be seen to set an example. Their refusal to back the motion shows they are out of touch with public opinion and like their refusal to be open and transparent about their expenses they just don't appear to care.

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