Thursday, 20 August 2009

Five in fight for South Bank

Our eldest lad Steven has been nominated as the Liberal Democrat candidate for the South Bank By Election on 17th September.

There are five candidates contesting the vacancy caused by the sad death of Labour Councillor Marilyn Bramley, herself a By-Election victor last October.

Steven Abbott - Lib Dem
Joan Bolton - Con
Martin Gordon Bulmer - UKIP
Sue Jeffrey - Lab
Vincent Smith - Ind

The result last time
By-Election 16th October 2008
The result.

Marilyn Bramley (Labour).... 652 (49.9; -0.6)
Toni Meir (Liberal Democrat) 288 (22.1; +12.3)
Bernard Collinson (BNP)..... 206 (15.8; +1.4)
Oz Sadiq (Independent..... 101 (7.7; -7.3)
Joan Bolton (Conservative 59 (4.5; -5.8)

Turn out 27.6%
Majority 364
Lab hold
Swing 6.45% Lab to LD

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