Saturday, 1 August 2009

BBC Tees snubs Yorkshire Day

Posted by Chris:

As if the rain wasn't enough! To add insult to injury BBC Tees refused to report that today was Yorkshire Day and totally snubbed the big events that were taking place in Saltburn, Redcar, Thornaby and Whitby.

Clearly the powers that be in the Tees Valley quangos have been whispering again in the Wig and Pen about promoting that nonsense area instead of our real County. It is time they realised Tees Valley is NOT a county and never will be. It is a name made up by unelected quangocrats for an organisation of five unitary authorities on either side of the Tees, covering parts of the North Riding and Durham. The campaign starts now to bring back Stewart McFarlane, Mark Turnbull and Alan Wright who always gave Yorkshire Day fair coverage.

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