Monday, 6 April 2009

Lib Dems condemn "true" Independent for joining Labour

Liberal Democrats on Redcar & Cleveland Borough Council have condemned former Independent Councillor Liz Beadle for joining the Labour group.

Following the Liberal Democrat success at the Dormanstown by-election, Labour and their Independent colleagues lost their majority on the Council.

But today it appears that Cllr Beadle, elected as an Independent in Eston in 2007, has now joined the Labour group.

Lib Dem Group Leader Councillor Chris Abbott said:

“I am disappointed that Cllr Beadle has joined Labour.

“Another so-called 'true' Independent is now propping up a failing Labour administration which has dragged the Council down from 4-stars to 2-stars and which has been branded “negligent” by the Audit Commission for putting £4 million of public money, out of a total of £6 million into failed Icelandic banks after warnings had been given.

“Labour has now lost three out of four by-elections since last September. It’s time they got the message.”


Anonymous said...

Surely as an Independent they can choose which group to give their support to in order to run an administration in a 'hung' council?
Were the Independents any more worthy of the name when 'propping up' the previous administration?

Chris and Glynis Abbott said...

Yes, because it was an all party coalition of seperate groups and no whip.

Anonymous said...

no whip on the indies even in a labour indi coalition however none of the other parties could have taken control of the council without the support of the indies could they? seems like sour grapes to me cllr abbott

Chris and Glynis Abbott said...

We think it is fair comment to question the decision of people who stood for election claiming they were "true" independents and then joining the Labour Group.

youdontknowme said...

Chris and Glynis are right. The Labour Party used to control Eston if my memory is correct. The Eston Independents then beat them after the people of Eston had enough of them.