Wednesday, 15 October 2008

We've picked Opik!

The Abbott family, Chris, Glynis and daughter Kelly, have cast their votes for Lembit Opik in the election for Party President.

The choice wasn't difficult as the other two are totally unknown establishment types and will probably, like current President Simon Hughes, never set foot in Redcar. Lembit last came to support us in Redcar during the 2001 General Election, when he spoke at Stan Wilson's adoption meeting as Parliamentary Candidate.

We like Lembit, he is high profile and is a household name. He was identified as being the most Liberal in the Parliamentary Party and like us he defended Charles Kennedy to the bitter end.

Lembit has worked hard for the Party and he deserves to be President. He is a likeable guy, intellegent and tough when he needs to be.

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Anonymous said...

Thank you very much for your vote.