Friday, 17 October 2008

Lib Dems up from 5th to 2nd in South Bank

Labour have hung on to their South Bank stronghold in the By Election held on 16th October but 18 years old Toni Meir (pictured) moved the Liberal Democrats into second place, up from fifth place at the last Council Elections in May 2007.

Liberal Democrats followed their spectacular victory in Kirkleatham Ward two weeks ago by securing 22.1% of the vote, which is up by 12.3% since May 2007, a swing of 6.45% from Labour to the Lib Dems. The By Election was caused by the resignation of Labour Councillor Pearl Hall. The Tories came last with only 59 votes.

The result.

Marilyn Bramley (Labour).... 652 (49.9; -0.6)
Toni Meir (Liberal Democrat) 288 (22.1; +12.3)
Bernard Collinson (BNP)..... 206 (15.8; +1.4)
Oz Sadiq (Independent..... 101 (7.7; -7.3)
Joan Bolton (Conservative 59 (4.5; -5.8)

Turn out 27.6%
Majority 364
Lab hold
Swing 6.45% Lab to LD
Percentage change is since May 2007
Based on highest placed candidate for each party in 2007.

This result shows the Liberal Democrats are making all the running in Redcar Constituency and are clearly the only alternative to Labour.


Anonymous said...

Redcar and Cleveland Borough Council Constitution 4th Edition Revised 30 September 2008 states at
Article 2.01 (b) Eligibility
Only registered voters of the area or those living or working there, who have reached the minimum age of 21, will be eligible to hold the office of councillor.

Can you therefore provide an explanation how an under age candidate was nominated/proposed to stand?

Chris and Glynis Abbott said...

Fro 3rd May 2007 the minimum age to stand for election is 18 regardless of what it says in the Council's Constitution, which clearly needs updating.