Sunday, 29 July 2007

Report from Saddleworth

Posted by Chris:

Glynis and I, along with Charlotte (7) and Daniel (3), attended the Saddleworth White Rose Society's Yorkshire Day Celebrations at the Ammon Wrigley stature in the gardens of Saddleworth Museum at Underhill.

They always hold their Yorkshire Day reading of the Yorkshire Declaration of Integrity on the Sunday before Yorkshire Day and always get a good crowd as a result (se pic).

I was introduced as the Chairman of Yorkshire Ridings Society, along with the Chairman of Saddleworth Parish Council and a lady from the Friends of Real Lancashire. We each said a few words. As the winner of the North Riding Duck Race, held in Saltburn yesterday, Roy Bardsley, lives in Saddleworth I was able to arrange for him to be presented with the Colin Holt Cup by Colin's wife Hilary, who had travelled over from Doncaster.

After a session of humerous local poetry and the Declaration of Integrity was read we were asked to lead the parade in front of the band. It is a long time since I was in a parade and I certainly have never led one before.

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