Thursday, 19 July 2007

Lib Dems condemn loss of energy scheme for elderly

Liberal Democrats on Redcar & Cleveland Council today attacked the Council’s Labour leadership for suspending a scheme which gives free home insulation to residents most in need.

The scheme, introduced when the Lib Dem-led Coalition ran the Council, provided free cavity wall insulation to householders aged over 60 or those with children under five.

But now the Council, under Labour, has suspended the scheme.

Redcar Lib Dem Councillor Chris Abbott, said:

“This is an excellent scheme which deserves to continue. It provides warmer homes for those who most need it, cuts fuel bills and reduces carbon emissions. It should have been given a fresh injection of cash.”

“In the longer term I would like to see the Council go further, and follow the excellent lead of Kirklees Metropolitan Borough Council in providing free cavity wall and loft insulation for all households which request it. There the result has been savings on fuel bills of £150 per household per year, the creation of several new jobs, and a significant cut in CO2 emissions.

"Labour’s manifesto from the recent elections says: “We will support installation and (sic) energy saving schemes in the home”. Why then has the Council scrapped (suspended) the scheme introduced by the Coalition which offered free cavity wall and loft insulation to householders over 60 or those with children under five?"

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